Vi är så glada och stolta över att låten ”No Rhinos” av Fear and Hope släpptes på”World Wildlife Day”! Vi är naturligtvis mycket tacksamma för att alla intäkter som genereras från ”No Rhinos” kommer att doneras till The Perfect World Foundation!

Historien bakom ‘No Rhinos’ av Peter Pote från Fear and Hope:

‘No Rhinos’ was written in a small room over looking the harbour in St Pauli, Hamburg, Germany. I was living there for 3 months whilst on a modeling contract. I bought a guitarelle, a miniature six-string guitar. When I wasn’t working, I would keep myself entertained by writing songs whilst watching the ships roll in and out of the harbour.

I remember I was surfing the net and I came across a video about rhino poaching. It had clips with lots kids telling people to stop killing the rhinos and that they deserved to be left alone to live peaceful lives out in the wild. I was really moved by this video and the message the children were telling.

In fact, that video moved me so much so that I picked up my guitarelle and pretty much wrote ‘No Rhinos’ there and then. Strumming a few simple chords I started singing and writing down what the kids in the video were saying, within 2 hours I had the whole song pretty much done with a rough demo recorded on my phone.

My girlfriend Camilla had met Rags and Lars from The Perfect World Foundation and was doing some great work with them to help raise awareness for endangered animals. It so happened to be that the rhino was the chosen animal for The Perfect World’s mascot.

I got in touch with Lars and spoke to him about the song. He told me about a kids’ program that they wanted to start with The Perfect World Foundation. I told him that ‘No Rhinos’ was inspired by the video I saw about the kids telling their story and that I had this idea of having kids singing the song when it was time to record it. I told him that I would like to give it to The Perfect World to use and to help spread awareness about rhino conservation.

Mikaela Larsson, an ambassador for The Perfect World, knew a person who said we should get in touch with a studio in Gothenburg called GlobalMusix. We arranged a meeting with them and they loved the song and the message behind it. From our first meeting, the guys from Global Musix were on board with the project. They sponsored the whole production of the song from recording, mixing, organising a choir and getting extra musicians to play on the track. We also arranged for a bunch of wonderful children to participate in the recording – they had huge amounts of fun!

Everybody gave of their time and talents for free for this project. We decided to call this music project Fear and Hope. All the proceeds generated from ‘No Rhinos’ will be donated to The Perfect World Foundation.

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