The Asian Elephant on the rim of extinction:

Asian elephants are found in Southeast Asia, this magnificent animal is threatened by extinction in the wild: in the face of rapidly growing human populations, the Asian elephant’s habitat is shrinking fast. 90% of the Asian Elephant have disappeared during the last 100 years, the they are simply running out of time and space. If we are not acting fast there will be no wild Asian Elephants within 10-15 years.

A significant number of adult males Asian elephants are tuskless, and the percentage of males carrying ivory varies by region (possibly reflecting the intensity of past ivory hunting), from only about 5% in Sri Lanka to 90% in south India

Trevels To my Elephant:

Durring 2015 The Perfect World Foundation is joining Elephant Families ambition to raise fundings and awareness around the ongoing extinction of Asian Elephants. This will be done trough a number of events that will have its end when we will see a fleet of rickshaws journey 500km across India November.

20 rickshaws will be transformed into extraordinary pieces of mobile art, individually designed by a host of international artists, milliners and fashion houses. From 1st June, this beautiful collection will grace the streets of London, offering everyone a unique chance to take a magical tour of the city, and thereby join our conservation journey and contribute to the campaign.

The Perfect World Foundation is supporting Elephant Family:

Teams from all corners of the globe, including Thailand, India, America, Sweden,UK …etc will then race & raise, rickshaws, fundings & awareness to save Asia’s endangered elephants.

The Perfect World Foundation is active supporter of the race/raise, as massive habitat loss has caused the numbers of Elephants to plummet by 90% in the past 100 years, earning Asian Elephants an unwanted place on the IUCN red list.
Donate straight to Elephant Family to suport their fantastic work to secure the Asian elephant and their habitat.
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Elephant Family

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